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Kapow Comic Con: Day 2 Report

Kapow Comic Con


So on my return to Kapow there was plenty to look forward to and I had plenty to get done. Very little Batman at all I'm afraid but still plenty happening. The day started off with the Millarworld panel. A session with Mark Millar and friends to chat about independent comics.


Joining Millar was Andy Diggle (The Losers), Jock, Leinil Yu, Frank Quietly, Dave Gibbons, Ian Churchill and John Romita Jr. We got to learn a few items including a spin-off comic series of Kick-Ass called Hit Girl starting soon. We learned of several new series that Millar has in the works including Supercrooks, a tale of supervillains moving to Spain for a big heist and to escape the regular heroes. Plus we learned of two top secret projects including Millar working with Frank Quitely on one and Dave Gibbons on the other. Plus Millar seems to be getting movie deals left, right and center for many of his properties with Kick-Ass 2, Nemesis and Supercrooks all with potential movie deals.


After that event I went onto the floor to pick up a few back issues, chat to a few booths and (little did I realize) experience Kapow's floor for the last time. It was then a choice between going to the TV's Misfits panel or Movie X; I chose the latter.


Then I met up with TBU's very own Joe from the comic cast for lunch. We had a chat about Kapow and how it was going for us, plus our favorite moments. After a brief lunch with Joe, it was time to join the Movie X queue together. The organization at this point it must be said was poor. With many fans sent round in circles, desperate to attend the mysterious film. Myself and Joe ended up near the back and we began to worry that we weren't going to get in. Then a miracle, a call was put out for press passes and I had to abandon Joe (who unfortunately didn't have a press pass) and I was ushered to the front of the queue. Thank you TBU for my press pass. So eventually I found myself sitting near the front of the screening room eagerly anticipating the film. From this point I realized that Kapow had done a great job of keeping this movie secret throughout and keeping everyone excited in the build up to the screening.


We soon learned that it wasn't Thor but a film called Super starring Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page, Liv Tyler, Kevin Bacon and Nathan Fillion.


The dark comedy centers around Frank (Wilson) whose wife Sarah (Tyler) hooks up with a smooth-talking drug dealer named Jacques (Bacon). Frank decides to transforms himself into a superhero "The Crimson Bolt". Then with the help of a trusty wrench, Frank wages a one man war on crime. Libby (Page), a local comic book store employee, transforms herself into a superheroine named "Boltie" and becomes Frank's sidekick. The two then team up to take Jacques down. The film was really fun but also incredibly gruesome and the action was so blunt and shocking at points it really made an impact. It initially felt like Kick-Ass but even with that concept of 'what if a guy became a superhero?' the Kick-Ass movie feels like a comic book by the end. This felt hyper-real with realistic repercussions of the superhero life. Even though I was a little disappointed about the lack of Thor this swiftly made up for it.


Unfortunately immediately after Movie X we were all quickly ushered out of Kapow an hour before the specified closing time, which didn't go down well. We all thought we had at least an hour left but were quickly forced out, with a lack of communication letting Kapow down.


So on my way home I reflected on Kapow and apart from a few little organization issues regarding the panels the show went very well, the attendance was high and the reaction was positive. I think Millar can be happy in creating a brand new event that can hopefully build on a successful start. My advice for next year is get a bigger venue, a few more stars and a have the show open a couple more hours, but good job overall.


Posted by Nick

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