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Kotobukiya: DC Comics Batgirl New 52 ARTFX + Statue

Kotobukiya Batgirl Statue


Kotobukiya revealed their newest DC Comics statue, Batgirl New 52 ARTFX.


The statue is based on the New 52 version of Batgirl with flowy red hair that blows over shoulder. She stands confidently with hands on her hips. The statue resembles the character quite well with the golden painted gauntlets & knee high boots. The golden bat symbol on the statue's chest is proudly displayed on this Batgirl statue. The cape is close fitting with the purple lining underneath as found in the New 52 Batgirl character design.


As always, Kotobukiya has a nice glossy finish to make the statue pop. This statue will stand at 1/10th scale similar to other previous New 52 statues, which means Batgirl New 52 statue will stand under 8". The statue will have a magnetic display base to hold the statue in place. f you have been collecting some of the Kotobukiya statues, Nightwing New 52 has his own statue which you can display next to Batgirl. The retail price is $44.99 US and you pre-order this statue by clicking hereAvailable June 2014. See the image still above of the statue.


Kotobukiya Batgirl Statue


Posted by Kristina Collins

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One thought on “Kotobukiya: DC Comics Batgirl New 52 ARTFX + Statue

  1. Donovan Grant

    Damn that looks sharp. That's not my favorite iteration of Batgirl's costume, but that looks really slick, especially the cape.


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