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Kyle Higgins on Nightwing

Nightwing just wrapped up a two month tie-in with the Night of the Owls with Dick facing off against one of his ancestors. There are plenty of plot points that have showed up for the future of the series and Newsarama talked with writer Kyle Higgins about what is coming up in the series.


Nightwing #10Newsarama: Kyle, now that you're coming out of the Court of Owls crossover, what does issue #10 represent for Nightwing as he moves forward — and what will it be like for readers?


Kyle Higgins: For readers, I wanted Nightwing #10 to be a jumping on point for people who had picked up Nightwing during "Night of the Owls" and liked what they saw. We're starting a brand new storyline, and setting up a new direction for the book with this issue. Dick begins a new adventure within Gotham in the start of issue #10, and we hit the ground running with his new life in Gotham.


Newsarama: Because the first arc had Dick traveling with the circus, what will he do now that he's in Gotham? Can you give us an indication of his supporting cast now, or his job?


Kyle Higgins: We're really filling out those kinds of things for Dick beginning with issue #10. The next arc is "The Tomorrow People," and it's dealing with the next generation of Gotham. Obviously Nightwing, Dick Grayson, fits into that, but there are some other characters who show up in that heading as well, and some of them will stick around on the book to become the supporting cast.


Sonia Zucco is back, the daughter of Tony Zucco, starting in issue #10. She's a really cool parallel to Nightwing, because they're both characters that are trying to carve their own way in Gotham City. There are some really interesting possibilities for that relationship. We'll see the deputy mayor, whom Nightwing just saved in the Court of Owls. He'll be coming into the book. And there's a cop, a detective, who may or may not be out to frame Nightwing. These are all, in my mind, the next generation of Gotham.


We'll also meet the newest villain, Paragon, who leads the group called the Republic of Tomorrow. And he believes that he is the "tomorrow's son" and the true god of tomorrow. And in his mind, the false idols of yesterday must fall to pave the way for him.


Newsarama: Since Nightwing is in Gotham now, will he run into the other Batman characters more often?


Kyle Higgins: I'm planning to have Tim in the book soon. And obviously, there will be constant interaction with Bruce, since they're both working in Gotham.


Newsarama: The tie between Batman and Nightwing was significant during the first half of your run. Does that continue?


Kyle Higgins: Where it makes sense. As long as Scott Snyder is on Batman, there will always be a place for us to tie these two books together and crossover when it makes sense.


For the entire interview, including talk about some last minute changes to Nightwing #9, head over to Newsarama. Nightwing #10 hits stores in just over two weeks.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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