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Kyle Higgins on Nightwing's "Tomorrow"

Nightwing #10Nightwing has had his share of issues. The person who reluctantly filled in for Bruce while it was though we was dead, had to team with Damian despite the personality differences. After regaining the Nightwing persona, he bought a circus, only to find out that it was the recruiting station for an ancient cult based out of Gotham. And if all that wasn't enough, having your great-grandfather call you a disappointment as he bashes your head in might be the topper.


But things are moving forward for Dick Grayson and he is looking towards tomorrow. The Republic of Tomorrow which is the next story arc. Comic Book Resources talked with writer Kyle Higgins about what is coming up in the series.


CBR: Your next arc in "Nightwing" is the impressively titled "Republic of Tomorrow, Today." Last time we talked you were saying the next story you had planned was the "Prince of Gotham" — is that part of "Republic Of Tomorrow?"


Kyle Higgins: Well, stuff changes sometimes. The whole "Prince of Gotham" is one component, it's an idea, in my point of view, on Dick Grayson going forward. Issue #10 is called "The Tomorrow People." There's this group, the Republic of Tomorrow, that with their leader, who's named Paragon, believe in order to save Gotham City they have to kill all the superheroes. They believe the superheroes are the city's real problem and that Paragon himself is Gotham's true son, this model of excellence, of virtue. He thinks he's kind of this savior, which brings him into conflict with Nightwing for a couple of different reasons.


On top of that, the arc will be introducing a lot of new characters who will be in the book going forward. We've got everyone from Deputy Mayor Kavanaugh, who was introduced in "Night of the Owls" but you'll be seeing more of him in this arc; Sonia Zucco is coming back to the Bat world and she'll be in the book going forward; you've got a new detective who may or may not be framing Nightwing. And Nightwing himself, Dick Grayson, is coming out of everything with the Owls and looking towards the future. He's taking a new approach, he's got some ideas on how to make a difference in Gotham City.


CBR: What's happening with Haly's? Does Dick still own this Albatross of a circus hanging 'round his neck?


Kyle Higgins: Yes, Dick does still own Haly's Circus. The future of Haly's circus will be touched upon in issue #10; when we see what Dick is planning Haly's circus plays into that. Whether or not it will come to fruition you'll have to wait and see, but when readers see issue #10 they will have a better idea of what the future has in store for Haly's. Again, to me, it all speaks volumes to who Dick is as a character. Just because there is this terrible past associated with Haly's Circus doesn't mean that Dick's going to give up on it.


There's a theme in the book, and it again really speaks to and comes out of who Dick is as a character, but it's a theme about change and about a lot of the characters or back stories or directions the only constant is that things never stay the same. You can say that about comics and storytelling in general, but in Nightwing in particular, he's a character built on that core of change — having been Robin, then Nightwing, then Batman, then Nightwing again. Looking at Haly's Circus it's very logical to think he's going to see an opportunity to reinvent it. He sees what it could be, rather than what it was.


For the entire interview, including talk about Eddy Barrows future on the title, head over to Comic Book Resources. Nightwing #10 hits stores tomorrow.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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