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Review: Legends of the Dark Knight Chapter #65

Legends of the Dark Knight Chapter #65We are right back into the action this week after the first chapter of this story. Last week we did not get to see the abomination that Norman had created but we he plays front and center in this issue. We see that he has created a fake Batman which is best described I think as Frankenstein Batman. The opening scene in the book brings your right in as we see the Monster Batman save a couple from a mugging and then kills the couple as well. Thought this act and the resulting confrontation between Norman and his creation we do see that poor Norman means well as he lectures his creation that Batman does not kill. However we are again reminded of how unbalanced he is as he then orders the monster to bring in the real Batman.


This issue took a huge step forward for me when we had the talk between Gordon and Batman. We see news footage leading up to it which I was sure was setting us up for the all too familiar story that the police believe Batman is a killer and should be hunted down. Thankfully this chapter get is right in a big way when Gordon does not even entertain that idea. There has been so many times over the years where Gordon simply having some faith in the man he has worked with for years could have made things much simpler. It is obvious that Batman has not become a giant killer and I am glad that he came to that conclusion fast. There is also another great moment when Gordon references the fact that although he knows it most people in Gotham have never actually seen him.  This whole part of the comic works and you never once find yourself thinking that the characters are not behaving in form.


The final scene in the book is the inevitable showdown between Monster Batman and Batman and does what it needs to. The story needs Batman to be captured to be taken back to Norman’s lab to conclude the story and that is what happens. And this scene also has the added bonus of the fact that as much as Batman’s cape can be an advantage I think we all have thought about the fact that at some point it is going to caught on something and create a problem.


This is another solid chapter and if you enjoyed last week’s then you will like this one as well.


Legends of the Dark Knight Chapter #65:


3.5 out of 5 Batarangs


Reviewed by Ed Grause

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