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Review: Legends of the Dark Knight Chapter #68

Legends of the Dark Knight Chapter #68This chapter is the wrap up to the I, Batman storyline that we started a few weeks ago. This story started out very strong for me in chapter one but seems to be running out of gas as it crosses the finish line. The entire last chapter is the confrontation between Carver, Bat-Monster, and Batman and although it wraps the story up nicely it does seem to be almost anti-climactic. I suppose there is no other way that this story was going to end but for some reason I was expecting a little more here.  Carver really does fit the mold of Dr. Frankenstein and I am very glad that the writer here has Batman compare him to him as part of the dialogue in the book. By doing that it makes the final chapter come off as a tribute.


I think the lack of any other character in this chapter really is what may have brought it down for me. The other chapters of this story had a robust guest list which really got my attention. And it did leave me with a question on my mind when I had reached the end. Why were all of Batman’s blood samples contaminated over the years? I was sure that we were going to get some type of Wayne Tech answer but unfortunately it never came. I do find the premise interesting though.


The character of Carver does make it interesting though when he reveals that he does not plan to kill Batman and replace him with his Bat-Monster but that he has every intention of waiting for Batman to retire. Carver is one of the traditional villains who think he is a hero types and the fact that he is has no intention of killing Batman is something I would like to see in these types of characters more. It makes his motives seem more genuine.


There is a nice scene at the end with the two boys that gives up insight into why Gotham is constantly churning out heroes/villains. We see the actions of this book possibly set another child down the same path as Carver. It makes for a nice wrap up.


Overall I don’t feel as this chapter was as strong as the first two but it is by no means bad. The I, Batman story overall has been good and if you are looking for a nice clean story that wraps itself up in one month with no mega-crossover end of the world type implications  you should pick this up.


Legends of the Dark Knight Chapter #68:


2.5 out of 5 Batarangs


Reviewed by Ed Grause

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