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SDCC: New DC LEGO Sets to be Revealed


The LEGO Batman movie was a smashing success earlier this year and the folks at DC and LEGO are going to ride that momentum straight into next year. Scheduled to debut at San Diego Comic-Con next weekend, Forbes is offering a first look brand new DC LEGO sets due out in January 2018.


While Batman only has a mini(figure) appearance in the new sets, fans of CW’s superhero shows can nab Reverse Flash, Killer Frost, and Firestorm along with everyone’s favorite super-pet (aside from Comet), Krypto.


If you actually want to build with your LEGO sets, you can create Lobo’s bike, a Lex Luthor Mech, a helicopter, and what looks to be a snow plow. I’m going to assume Killer Frost is creating the demand to help her side business of snow removal really take off.


The sets will set you back between $19.99 and $39.99. Expect to hear more next week at SDCC.


What LEGO minifigs and sets do you hope get announced this year? I’m still holding out hope for a set based on the Flash/Supergirl musical crossover.

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