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Support '66 Batmobile Lego Ideas Project


This Father's Day not only support a really cool idea, but a father and daughters idea a reality. If you are unfamiliar with Lego Ideas, it was formally called Lego Cusso. The idea is that it is fan-voted Lego projects. Fans create great ideas and submit them to the site. Fans can vote on which ones Lego should consider to actually make. Previous projects that have been released include a Back to the Future DeLorean and a Ghostbusters Ecto-1 vehicle and figures.


While Lego does release a number of Batman-themed building sets, there are still tons of Bat-sets that fans would like to see. I believe that this is one of those projects that probably would never be naturally released by Lego and this is the perfect avenue to have it considered. A Bat-Fan named Sam was asked by his four year old daughter to create a Batmobile that her Lego Batman and Robin figures could ride around in together. Sam created a '66 style Batmobile and then submitted the idea to Lego Ideas for fans to vote on. Here are some of his proposed minifigs.



So this Father's Day, why not make a idea between a father and daughter that much closer to becoming a reality. Currently the project has over three thousand supporters, but projects need ten thousand supporters to be considered by Lego. So head over to Lego Ideas and support Sam and his daughter's project. Who knows, if it gets enough support and Lego approves you could have a '66 Batmobile in your Lego collection by the time the show hits its 50th anniversary.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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