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Levitz on Huntress Mini

In addition to the Penguin mini announced Monday, was the announcement of another mini-series titled The Huntress. The series is written by former DC Comics publisher, Paul Levitz. Newsarama spoke with Levitz about the six-issue mini-series and what we can expect.


The Huntress #1Newsarama: It sounds like it really removes her from the shadow of Batman, not that she was always in his shadow. But being in Gotham…


Paul Levitz: There's always a shadow.


Newsarama: Yeah. As she kind of breaks away to Italy in your mini-series, how would you describe her as a character? Who is Huntress as we pick up #1 of your series, and how is she differentiated from other female characters in the DCU?


Paul Levitz: One of the things that makes her different from a lot of the other females in the DC Universe is that she has a very focused anger. This is someone who became an adventurer for a set of reasons that are not related to a magic gift of powers or a supernatural kindness. She got pissed and she's doing something about the things in the world that pissed her off. That gives her an edge that maybe some of the others don't have.


Newsarama: After working so much on stories about the Legion of Super-Heroes recently, is writing The Huntress offering new writing challenges?


Paul Levitz: It's a wonderful change from doing the Legion stuff. I've been bouncing the last couple of months with a lot of Legion stuff with wrapping up the old cycle and starting the 52 version. But also, I know Denys Cowan has mentioned that I'm working on a Batman story with him.


So it's nice to do something different like The Huntress mini-series. I haven't done anything like this, I guess maybe, ever. When I wrote The Huntress years ago, it was little eight-page back-ups, which was a different rhythm. What's changed is the dynamic of saying, OK, so I've got basically 120 pages to tell this story cycle in, and that's a different plotting structure too.


The Huntress has been wonderful to do. It's got a whole different style and fashion. I went back and re-read some of my Modesty Blaise, and it was good fun. So I'm really enjoying the whole process.


For the entire interview, including talk about Marcus To's art, head over to Newsarama. The Huntress #1 written by Paul Levitz, hits stores this October.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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