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Lobdell on Night of the Owls

Comic Book Resources wraps up their coverage of the upcoming Batman Universe crossover event by interviewing Scott Lobdell. Although Red Hood and the Outlaws could be argued as anything but a Bat-book, it still is considered one by the folks at DC and in turn will be part of the crossover event. So how does a group of characters not afraid to kill people fit into all of this?


Mr. Freeze Concept ArtCBR: Scott, Jason Todd gets drawn back to Gotham City in May for the epic Batman crossover "Night of the Owls." How will Jason react to being back in Gotham at the request of Tim Drake?


Scott Lobdell: Actually, it turns out Jason is already in town on some other business when he answers an all-points call for help from Alfred. See, Suzie Shu — that crime lordess from "Red Hood and the Outlaws" #2 — was sent to specialists in Gotham City for her injuries. (And, let's be serious, if Gotham City hospitals specialized in anything, it would be gunshot wounds!) When Jason and the Outlaws, who are just this moment leaving when the call goes out, learn that Red Robin is unable to deal with his particular Talon, Red Hood steps in to help. That said, there is an awesome scene between Jason and Tim that is going to have people spitting out their Cheerios and standing on their breakfast table shouting with glee! It is one of my favorites glimpses into both Jason and Tim's life that I've gotten to write since the New 52 started.


CBR: How were you able to introduce Jason's return to Gotham in a way that felt organic to "Red Hood and the Outlaws?"


Scott Lobdell: Well, you've probably noticed, Red Hood And The Outlaws "isn't like the other kids" — they're not really asked to play in the reindeer games. When you see how they wind up caught between a Talon rock and a Mr. Freeze hard place, it will feel like exactly what it is: A "Night Of The Owls" story through that Outlaw prism.


CBR: Earlier this week, Scott Snyder and Mike Marts commented on how closely the Bat-books have been working together on "Night of the Owls." How will events in some of the other Bat-books during the event impact what you'll be doing in the future of Red Hood?


Scott Lobdell: First let me say how excited I am to be working with Scott — the kid is just killing it every issue! Yeah, the Joker and Penguin and Mr. Freeze are all amazing characters and it is clear why they've lasted so long, but Scott and Greg have gone in a bold new direction creating a new mythology out of whole cloth. It is an exciting time to be a Bat-fan! But how this event impacts on the future or Red Hood — I don't see it having any long-term effects, but let's see what happens in the future.


For the entire interview, including talk about what is coming up in the series, head over to Comic Book Resources. Also be sure to check out the concept art for Mr. Freeze by Kenneth Rocafort above. Red Hood and the Outlaws #6 is in stores now.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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