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Lobdell on Tim Drake's New Origin

If you haven't read Teen Titans #0, you may have missed out on a story that explains a completely different origin for Tim Drake. Comic Book Resources caught up with writer Scott Lobdell to talk about some of the changes. If you haven't read the issue, plot points will be revealed in the interview.


Teen Titans #0CBR: Scott, this month's "Teen Titans" #0 contained a huge reveal about the New 52 Tim Drake: not only are his parents still alive, they're currently in witness protection. Obviously, this is a big change from the previous DCU status quo. How will this effect his portrayal in future appearances?


Scott Lobdell: I really feel one of the most important and unique aspects of Tim's history is that he was the one member of the extended Bat-family who had truly loving and supportive parents. I felt that when they died, a little part of him that was so interesting in comics died along with them.


We have plans to see them again in the relative near future. And, for CBR fans only — I'll tell you that Tim was watching them by satellite in a recent issue of "Teen Titans" — the issue where he is in the back of the limo with his laptop! Being away from his parents is painful, for Tim, but he realizes that in order to do his job to the best of his capabilities, he needs to put some distance between him and them.


CBR: Beyond the reveal of witness protection, it almost seems like there's something fans might have missed in Batman's ending line involving Tim's name — anything you can tease about that?


Scott Lobdell: I'm going to tell you something here — for CBR fans only — that I don't think will upset anyone editorially — but I'll guess we'll find out! After I finished the script and I believed it was sent off to the printers, I got a text from Editorial saying, "Loved the witness protection thing. We think it works better if we reveal Drake was never has last name. Took care of it."


Now, some writers fly into a rage when their work is rewritten — and it only rarely every happens to me! — but I thought, "Okay, I can see that. I can see all the potential for future storylines that can come from that, mysteries that ultimately need to be revealed." So in some ways, I was as surprised by the last page as everyone else who read it. I dig it.


CBR: Jason Todd may not have physically appeared in "Teen Titans" #0, but his spirit was definitely felt. Will Tim's relationship with Jason ever be explored in-depth?


Scott Lobdell: Oh, yeah — for sure. I love the two of them together, the breakfast in "Outlaws" was one of my many favorite moments of the series so far! I think these two outsiders share more in common in the Bat Family than any others. There is an upcoming issue where it is pretty much just Jason and Tim on panel together. (That is the plan, anyway — we'll see if I can get away with it!)


For the entire interview, including a little about what is in store for Tim, head over to Comic Book Resources. Teen Titans #0 is in stores now and The Batman Universe will be reviewing the issue on The Batman Universe Comic Podcast episode 101.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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