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Man of Steel 2 Rumor Mill: Dick Grayson?

Man of Steel 2


Yet another rumor from Latino Review has hit the internet and this time it concerns Dick Grayson. According to El Mayimbe he heard from his "very trusted source" that the rumor is that Dick Grayson will appear in the Man Of Steel sequel. El Mayimbe has been trying to get the rumor confirmed but hasn't been able to although he did talk with his agency source and according to them the production is looking for a "young John Hawkes" looking actor to play Dick and that several actors have already screen tested for the role. He also checked in with his stunt sources who say that there is a call out for a caucasian actor who can do martial arts and who is also 5' 10".


El Mayimbe then goes on to say that he was also told that Dick and Bruce haven't spoken in years and he rationalizes this by stating that in the sequel Bruce Wayne/Batman is older and tired and maybe back in the day he had a sidekick who he had a falling out with.


Here is the video that was posted in the article where El Mayimbe talks about the rumor:




While this is still classified as a rumor, Latino Review has had pretty good reputation for finding rumors before they are announced. Man of Steel 2 is set to release July 2015.


Posted by Dane Haji

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