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WB Registers Possible Titles For Man of Steel 2

Man of Steel 2


What will the movie title for Man of Steel 2 be?


According to Superhero Movie NewsWarner Bros. has registered a few domain names such as "Man of Steel Battle the Knight," "Man of Steel Beyond Darkness," "Man of Steel Black of Knight," "Man of Steel Darkness Falls," "Man of Steel Knight Falls," "Man of Steel Shadow of the Night," "Man of Steel The Blackest Hour," "Man of Steel The Darkness Within."


There is a possible chance these may or may not be the official movie title. There are definitely more domain names registered. Bleeding Cool has also found out that Nightwing is also being registered by DC Comics for trademark purposes such as clothes, toys, and other accessories as well. 


Posted by Kristina Collins

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  • Donovan Grant

    All of those sound dumb as hell

  • adam martin

    I say either go with Superman Batman or go old school and call it World's Finest