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Man of Steel 2 to Film This Summer


The rumors surrounding when Batman/Superman movie will begin production can be put to a bit of a rest.


Recently rumors have speculated that the production will begin in February and that Ben Affleck might be leaving the movie due to some movie issues. However Jennifer Garner, wife of Affleck, confirmed that she and Affleck will be in Detroit for Summer 2014 on Detroit Sports 105.1 . She has also confirmed that Affleck is still part of the movie.


"I'll be there (Detroit) this summer…yep, all summer. My husband (Ben Affleck) is (filming). Batman is shooting and…or whatever it is called. I don't know what it's called…Superman with Batman, whatever it is. But he is shooting this summer, so we'll be there."


Supposedly, one can speculate from Gal Gadot's interview with Gai Pines that suggested production will begin during the summer around May 2014. Zack Snyder (director) has been seen scouting some places at Michigan State University along with a few others. So, everything is well on its way from here on out.


Posted by Kristina Collins

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