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Man of Steel 2 Rumor Mill: Marvel to Shift Release Date?


DC throws a one-two punch at Marvel (if you're into that whole "vs" thing). According to theWrap's Brent Lang's twitter account, Disney chairman Alan Horn has admitted that they are "struggling with" the Captain America 3 release date. DC is unwilling to move it's May 6 release for the heavyweight fight between Bats and Supes, and that's got Marvel a little shaken.


Speaking of the epic showdown film; we've been hearing potential casting news, the prolific Holly Hunter's name has come up in multiple spots on the web. Screenrant.com reports that she may bring friend of Batman, Dr. Leslie Thompkins to the big screen. Fans familiar with Denny O'Neil and Dick Giordano's 1976 character; or at the very least the version portrayed on the animated series by Diana Muldaur; will recognize her as one of the only people who know Bruce Wayne is Batman. A fellow medical student with, and close friend of the late Thomas Wayne, she periodically tends Batman's wounds after unusually strenuous battles.


Those who don't know Holly Hunter- this will not be her first foray into superheroes, as she voiced Mrs. Incredible, AKA Elastigirl in Disney's The Incredibles from 2004. If you're more into live action, you can see her kidnap a child in the Cohen Brother's Raising Arizona. Or look for a "bonifide man" who isn't George Clooney in another Cohen brother flick, O, Brother Where Art Thou?


What do you guys think? Should Marvel be worried and push back the final film in Cap's trilogy? Will the amazing Holly Hunter do due diligence to one of the most special Bat-friends? Let me know in the comments below!


Posted by Orey Yates

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