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Production Photos of Batmobile Released

This week as been a big week for revealling design news for Batman as he will be imagined for the Man of Steel 2 movie. After a tease of the rear of the Batmobile and a stellar black and white of Batman next to a front end shot of the Batmobile, two quick behind-the-scenes photos have been surfaced.


The first is from Blue Line Studios – they have a model cut out of the top section of the Batmobile.



It would seem clear now that the Batmobile is much more heavily influenced by the Burton Batmobile, and does flatten out and narrow at the front. This lends more credence to the speculation we did in 'Wholly Speculation Batman" Part 1 about the Batmobile possibly being inspired by open wheel Formula-1 racers. It brings the scale of that picture with Batman much more into question. If the nose extends so far out of frame, then the car may be more fitted for a single driver. It would appear that much more of the cockpit would split off and slid down, indicating the 'one-seater' intention.


The second photo is of the filming model of the car being put on a custom chassis.



We can see a little bit of the inner working of the suspension underneath here. It has a very dune-buggy feel to the wide wheels and custom suspension. If you want some really out-there speculation about scale, there is a mechanic sitting to the right of the photo. seeing him sitting, in relation to the cockpit and imagining a bulky Batman, I think it adds even more meat to the idea that this Batmobile is not built for passengers.


Neither of these photos are offical, one of them was posted to Instagram, but they can help add fuel to the raging fire of opinion and guesswork around our new Batman and his car.


Posted by Bob Holt

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