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RC Justice League Batmobile Available for Pre-Order

The closest you’re ever going to get to riding around with Batman is here as the Justice League Ultimate Justice League Batmobile Vehicle and Figure (say that ten times fast) is officially available for pre-order on Mattel’s website. It’s currently listed for $249.99, but also boasts a really sweet list of features:


The vehicle’s cockpit has a built in camera that transmits the driver’s POV to a smart phone for a thrilling, front seat ride! Place the highly detailed, new movie Batman™ action figure behind the wheel and speed to the crime scene. See smoke release from the tailpipe and the engine roar! The figure’s arm turns the wheel as the powerful Batmobile™ races at top velocity! When DC Super-Villains are in range, engage the special “jump mode” and elevate the Batmobile™ for prime targeting. Fire the four missiles from the hood of the car and save Gotham City! With Batman™ and this true-to-movie RC Batmobile™, fans get the ultimate, interactive Justice League™ action!


Yesterday, we reported that a life-sized version of the Batmobile will be on hand at SDCC, so I’ll wager this is going to be a really popular item by the end of the weekend.


Mattel has also announced a new intiative called Mattel Vault which is new online store specifically for adult collectors. You can actually join for free at the silver level and get 20% off your first order. Deatils about the membership can be found here.


As of this writing the Batmobile is back-ordered until November but you can still order it and it will presumably ship to you when it’s in stock.

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