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Mattel: Batman Legacy Line is Fill-in

While we have not heard very much about the new line of figures from Mattel in the recently announced Batman Legacy line for awhile it seems that San Diego Comic Con is the next time Mattel will announce anything. Over at Action Figure Insider, Mattel answered their bi-monthly "Ask Matty" questions and one referred to the Legacy line.


Question: Can we get any insight on the Batman: Legacy line plans? Can we expect to see mostly updates and redecos of previously released DCUC and DCSH figures or will there be more total newly done characters like the Mad Hatter, Poison Ivy or Ventriloquist coming in future waves?

Mattel: The Batman Legacy, much like Green Lantern Classics, will only run a few waves prior to the next Batman film. It will be a combination of redecos and newly tool’d figures in both comic book and video game styles. We’ll have more to reveal at SDCC. It is not intended to be an ongoing line. It a placeholder until Batman Dark Knight Rises collector figures start up again.


So it appears that the Batman figures sell and because enough time has passed from The Dark Knight being released, Mattel answer to Batman figures to still be on store shelves is Batman: Legacy. At this point few characters have been confirmed at various conventions that Mattel has attended including versions based off the upcoming Batman: Arkham City video game. San Diego is the next stop for Mattel to reveal information about the line prior to The Dark Knight Rises hitting theaters next year.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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