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Mattel Hints at TDKR Toys

During the bi-monthly questions and answers segment over at Action Figure Insider, Mattel offered a small bit of information on the yet-to-be-announced The Dark Knight Rises action figures that will surely release in time for the film.


AFI Mattel QuestionsAFI Fan: We’re getting our first look at the Dark Knight Rises later this month in the form of the 6 min Imax trailer. When will we get our first look at the toy line? And will it be in the same format as GL and TDK with 4″ figures and 6″ Movie Masters figures?


Mattel: You will see some information released starting with NY Toy Fair. There’ll be Movie Masters in 6″ and 3.75″ regular figures.


Not much information, but confirmation of what we already knew was coming. February will be the time frame to watch as the 2012 New York Toy Fair is February 12-15.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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