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Review: Lego DC Superheroes Batman: Penguin Face Off


Pieces: 136

Figures: 2

Cost: $12.99/£11.99


This is the smallest of this years’ Batman sets at just 136 pieces and is also the cheapest of the Batman sets at just under $13/£12. Within the set you get a jet ski, a rubber duck boat (similar to that seen in the Dark Knight Returns), two robot penguins, The Penguin and Scuba Batman.


The Minifigures


The sets contain two brand new Batman figures.


The first is the Penguin. This is based off Danny Di Vito costume from Batman Returns and I have to say I do like this look. It is nice to see Lego branching out and pulling in a reference from a number of Batman’s sources, in this case film as well as his latest appearance in the new 52 comics. The figure itself contains some nice front print capturing the look of the costume well. Although the face stays away Di Vito’s rather anaemic version. The back also has a little attention to detail continuing the fur lining around the collar.




The second one is Scuba Batman, this is also a brand new figure and my favourite in the set. The attention to detail is fantastic. The head has two versions one with full scuba gear on including a breather and mask.




The other side contains the normal Batman face with a clear section for him being out of the mask and the white strip so that when the helmet is on then we have the traditional batman mask look. The front of the costume has plenty of detail too with the bat symbol set within part of the breathing apparatus. This carries on to the rear of the figure with more detail and a couple of spare emergency air tanks. It does however also come with a large air tank as an accessory and a pair of flippers to help Batman get around.




The Set


I am not going to lie the only real reason to buy this set is the Penguins Duck Boat. This while not on a great scale (I feel it should have been a little larger) it does do a fairly good job of recreating the look and feel of the boat from the movie.



The Batman jet on the other hand to me feels rather superfluous. While it is not an awful build I feel this thrown in to meet the price point and really I would have rather had the extra bricks put into the duck.



The set also includes two penguins (only one is pictured as they are identical) and also a small block of ice with a diamond in it.



Overall, I think this is a good set to pick up. If you are an adult collector the chance to have the iconic Duck Boat is one that is too good to miss. But I would be tempted to pass the scuba jet on. If you are a child then I think you would thoroughly enjoy the set and with it well within pocket money range would make it a firm must buy.


Lego DC Super Heroes Batman: Penguin Face-Off:


4 out of 5 Batarangs



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