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SDCC: Mezco Reveals Poison Ivy Mini Mez-Itz Clip On

Mezco is revealing their exclusive for this years Comic Con International dubbed as Summer Exclusives since they will also be available online for pre-order before the convention, but will also be available at their booth at CCI. The first item that they have announced for The Batman Universe is a Poison Ivy Mini Mez-Itz Clip On. It will be available for pre-order on Thursday for $8.00.


poison ivy

Mezco celebrates one of Batman’s deadliest but most beautiful foes; Poison Ivy.


Since her initial appearance in 1966, Poison Ivy has blossomed into one of Batman’s most popular nemisis. Although a member of the rouges gallery, she has also grown to represent environmental concerns as well as the feminist movement.


Now Ivy fans can carry her with them wherever they go with this fashionable clip on. Suitable for hanging on a backpack or carrying keys, each clip on features an articulated Poisy Ivy Mez-Itz figure with multiple points of articulation.


Like any exotic bloom, Poison Ivy is only in season for a short time. Each Poison Ivy Mini Mez-Itz Clip On comes with a special random bonus item! Get her while you can, but don’t delay because once they are gone, they are gone forever!

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