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Mike Marts on Bat-Line Future

Mike Marts has been at the helm for some of the greatest Batman stories in recent memory. As group editor for all of the Bat-books, Marts oversees and plans a lot of things. Comic Book Resources talked with Marts about what 2012 will bring for The Batman Universe.


Batwing #7CBR: Now, before the relaunch Grant Morrison's books were definitely calling the plays for the rest of the Bat Universe, but obviously since the relaunch and the delay on "Batman Inc." that has changed. Will Morrison's future Batman work again set the pace for the Batman universe or will his focus be more on developing his own self-contained stories instead?


Mike Marts: With what Grant will be working on in the future, he is instrumental in providing forward motion for us on the books just the same as our other writers are right now, like Scott Snyder and Pete Tomasi and Tony Daniel. So when Grant returns to doing work with us, it's going to be much like what he was doing in the previous few years.


CBR: Jumping into the first Batman anchor title, obviously Court Of Owls is the big arc happening in "Batman" now, but I know from talking to Scott that even bigger things are going to pop up for his Batman after #7. Is "Batman" one of the main Bat books that not only is getting bigger in scope but will have ramifications felt across the Bat book line?


Mike Marts: Most definitely, yeah. With Scott we have such a great thing, we're talking about storylines that are going into year two and year three and what he's created in the Court of Owls and the Talons are just some great characters, some great history to Gotham City, and these are going to be story elements we can play with long after the Court of Owls storyline is concluded. Readers can expect some exciting revelations about existing characters in the Batman universe, secret things about Gotham City's history that we didn't know previously. So its just a great opportunity to not only expand the Batman franchise sideways with different characters and villains but also front and backwards, through time and through history.


For the entire interview, including talk about all of the individual series, head over to Comic Book Resources.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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