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Miller’s Dark Knight Art Up for Auction

Frank Miller's original art for The Dark Knight Returns has been put up for auction by Heritage Auctions. Starting at an opening bid of $10,000 you can possibly own what is called "Splash Page 36" which shows a severely wounded Bruce and Carrie Kelley in a tender embrace. The piece is signed by inker Klaus Janson.



The second piece of art also has an opening bid of $10,000 and is being called "Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne Page 14 Original Art" which pretty much is one of the pages of the horse riding scene with Clark and Bruce. The piece is 12" X 18" and besides the four tape residue stains there is glue staining in panel four where an art correction stat had been glued over the original art which has been revealed although the art is in very good condition. 



The final piece of art has an opening bid of $15,000 and is called "Batman And Robin Ride The Batcycle Page 38" and is pretty much what it's title says it is, Batman and Robin riding the batcycle with a scene of mutants and Yindel talking to Gordon. The piece is 12" X 18" and is signed by inker Klaus Janson.



Back in 2011, Miller's previous Dark Knight Returns art lot fetched almost a half-million dollars which is the second highest total for a lot in Heritage Auctions history.


Posted by Dane Haji

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