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Monolith Releasing Batman Miniatures Game

Monolith has been working on a new game bringing the Caped Crusader to tables everywhere. They have released a number of previews of the game based around miniatures. Batman: Gotham City Chronicles will include a number of different characters from The Batman Universe. Below is a gallery of just a selection of some of the characters you can expect.

If you are unfamiliar with tabletop miniatures games, Warhammer is probably the widest known from the genre, but there are tons out there and chances our some of your local comic shops feature the games as well. Here is their official description for the game:


In Batman: Gotham City Chronicles, one super-villain faces off against a team of heroes in one of multiple scenarios. Each hero has their own character, and they control this character by spending energy to take actions, recovering more or less energy at the beginning of their turn depending on their stance. If the hero gets damaged, energy moves to a wound area, and if they lose all of their energy, then they’re out of action for a while to recover their strength. Each hero has differing strengths for their abilities, and these strengths are represented by colored dice with different values; the more energy a hero spends on an ability, the more dice they can roll.


The super-villain controls a team of henchmen and villains, and these characters are represented by tiles on their control board, with the characters costing 1, 2, 3, etc. energy to activate as you move left to right down the line. Once a character is activated, they move to the end of the line, boosting their cost to the maximum value should you want to use them again immediately.


The game-play in Batman: The Boardgame is based on that of Conan, with revisions to character abilities, the addition of two different types of dice (w/ five types total), and a modified two-player set-up in which each player has a control board and their own team of tiles, with heroes facing off against villains.


The game has been in production for quite some time with Jim Lee and David Finch both lending their hand for character designs. They are planning on having over one hundred miniatures for the game and have writers working on storylines that include The Long Halloween and The Court of Owls. Here are a few videos they have released detailing more about the game.

The game will be launching exclusively on Kickstarter on February 27. The core pack for the game will be priced at $130 and the all-in package will be priced at $300. You will need to reserve yours through Kickstarter as this game will not be available in a retail setting.

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