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More Characters Revealed for Young Justice: Legacy

It was just last week that a new set of characters were revealed for Young Justice: Legacy and it seems that Little Orbit wants to keep the ball rolling by revealing the remaining playable characters. The site updated over the weekend and now shows the characters as they appear five years after season one. Dick Grayson is now listed as Nightwing, Tim Drake as Robin and Barbara Gordon is revealed as Batgirl. Take a look at the image below to see some of the other changes announced.


Young Justice: Legacy Character Reveals


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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6 thoughts on “More Characters Revealed for Young Justice: Legacy

  1. Alex Aguilera

    Although I think the show is underwhelming ,(They need more focus in their episodes, instead of drawing out plots), Bane is in this game. I have to buy it now.

  2. Mel Eisenach

    Slightly confused. Is this the next season after Young Justice Invasion? And if there's another hiatus I'll get so pissed off. And please I beg don't tell me there will be another time skip. The five year one was fine, but it has even leaving so many things unanswered and bringing more questions with each episode.


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