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This week, we venture into the particular time that I will refer to as "The Month Bat-Fans Go Broke." Why is that, you ask? Well, there are almost twice as many comics and trades coming out this month than a typical month. What does the first week hold? Well, let’s find out.


Batman and Robin #5




This will be the second issue in the new story arc. If you are still trying to catch up on your comics from last month, you might have missed some things. Phillip Tan has taken over for Frank Quitely. Professor Pyg is locked up. Red Hood is now the main villain along with his/her (I say this to politically correct, but it would be crazy if it ended up being a female that we never thought of)) sidekick, Scarlet. Scarlet has a tendency to be very familiar with pop culture. We do not know who this new Red Hood is just yet (or do we?). So do I have you intrigued? A lot of people have said that Tan’s art takes a back seat to what Quitely was doing. I say to that, nonsense. Tan’s art can not be compared to what Quitely was doing. Grant Morrison is very good about creating a story that shows the strengths of the artist that he is working with. Tan’s art works great for this new story arc. I think you should BUY IT.


Batman Annual #27




After taking a absence from the Batman Universe, annual issues are now back. Batman Annual #27 picks up right where the last issue of Azrael: Death’s Dark Knight #3 left off. We will see in this issue and the annual for Detective Comics next week the gaps filled in between the mini-series and the new ongoing series coming out later this month. Annuals are a great excuse to get more story. This annual will be 56 pages, which mean you are getting more for your money. And don’t forget, Dustin Ngyuen’s Little Gotham will be making their debut in the issue as well. BUY IT, or buy two like Ngyuen suggested.


Batman Confidential #34




Confidential ships twice this month. And I will most likely be giving it the same suggestion. This is part four of five in the current story arc. Sometimes when I read this series, I truly believe that they are just trying to see what they can put out. They are testing the market. Issue three was terrible. As much as we have praised past story lines in this series, we have probably bashed it just as much. They need to take a different approach with this series, and until then PASS.


Batman: The Killing Joke-New Printing




Not much to talk about when it comes to this book. It is a very good story. It covers the possible origin of the Joker and Barbara Gordon being paralyzed. Like I said good story that affects a large amount of continuity. Then why do I suggest, what I am about to suggest? Well, every year we get another reprint of this story. What does that do to the market? It over saturates it with that specific story and the original copies slowly loose value. As good of a story that it is, we do not need this reprinted every year. PASS


Batman: The Unseen #1




Many people know that I am not a fan of the Batman horror comics. Gotham After Midnight would fall into this category. Simon Dark. Or anything else that Kelley Jones works on. I am all about giving mini-series a shot before saying forget it. So READ IT, and we will see if it is worth picking up in the future.


That wraps this week up. Not as many as you probably thought after reading the first paragraph, but don’t let this week fool you. "The Month That Bat-Fans Go Broke" has only just begun. Just wait. After looking over the rest of the solicitations for DC Universe books, nothing jumps out at me. So that is it for now. ‘Til next time, keep reading.


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