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New Comics Out Today

So what can we expect this week? Is it going to be another week of Passes? Well let's get into it and see what we have got. Oh and I have something new in store for you at the end of the post.


Batgirl #1




Well, this is the first issue of the new series. Many have been saying online that it is the last new series to come out of the Batman: Reborn arc, but they are forgetting about Azrael which we will see in October. Anyway, Batgirl #1 should be interesting. Some might even say that the mystery of who new the Batgirl is is more intriguing then who the new Batman was going to be. I would be one of those people. We guessed who the new Batman was long before the spoiler images confirming who Batman was going to be. But one thing has kept us on our toes, and that is who is this new Batgirl. Many who listen to the comic cast know my choice is for Stephanie Brown or Spoiler, as some of you may know her. We have beat the possibilities of who it could be to death on the comic cast. But will we see who the new Batgirl is in this first issue? I think not. I think DC is going to keep this going for a couple of months before we figure out who it will be for sure by throwing us curve balls. So for this first issue, as much as I am convinced we will not find out our answer, Buy It.


Batman: Streets of Gotham #3




So last month's issue wasn't anything to cry over if you missed. It in my opinion was a simple story with simple art. But it was still good. This month we are going to see some more of Tommy Elliot playing Bruce Wayne. Besides that what else can we expect? A great co-feature. I know a lot of people are not really liking the co-features, but this one actually makes the most sense of all the co-features in the other DC books. Why? Because this book is supposed to follow the supporting cast of Gotham and the co-feature is following the new DA. How much more relevant can you get? Well, for this one I say fork out the extra buck and Buy It.


The Outsiders #21




Alright moving right along, this is something that for the most part of its run I really have not been enjoying. But that is going to change this month. Finally, we get to see the Outsiders become the Black Ops led by Alfred that we all expected after RIP. The Outsiders are going to be rounding up the escaped villains from Gotham. This is where we actually get to see some kind of attachment to what is going on in the Bat-Books. I have been waiting for this and you should too. Buy It


Superman/Batman #63




Can't say that I am looking forward to this last book for the week. I have never really been a huge fan of Grodd. Based on the solicitation for this one seems like it is just another redo of an original World's Finest story line from the 60's. If they can pull if off with a modern take maybe it will be interesting, but I swear we just saw "loved ones" kidnapped in only a couple of issues ago. Pass


So that is this week's releases. If you buy everything you will be spending a mere $12.96 in the US. But you may want to save some of your money up for next week's books because there are going to be some good ones. Leave any comments below. 'Til next week….


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