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New Comics Out Today

Alright so now that some have played Batman: Arkham Asylum and have beat it, there are new comics in the comic shops today. Let's go through and see what we have.


Batman Confidential #33




Alright, without sounding repetitive this is another part of the current five-issue storyline. Apple has been saying that this story is pretty good. But before you rush out on his word, he also gave Judd Winick's run on Batman 4 out of 5 batarangs. So going on that and my past recommendations, this one is a PASS


Batman: Gotham After Midnight




Now if you have been listening to the podcasts since the beginning, you are already fully aware of my feelings of this series. I am personally not a fan of Kelley Jones or Steve Niles. Jones' art is not my taste as it is an extreme of the dark side of how Batman can be interpreted. According to DC though, fans enjoy his work since he will be coming back to the Bat-Books next month. For twenty dollars, this one is a PASS


Batman #690




As much as I would love to continue to rant about all of the problems in this book, I will only say one thing. READ IT just so you know what is going on next month when Tony Daniel comes on the book.


So not anything worth buying in my opinion if you don't normally collect everything. Just as a heads up (and completely off topic) the movie history section is now up on the site.


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