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New Comics Out Today

So another wonderful week has passed. There are a ton of new comics coming out this week, which will make up for the lack of comics for the past two weeks. Let’s dive into the new releases.


Batgirl #2




What can I say? I guess I’m a sucker for being right. The first issue was mediocre, but I think that the fact that I correctly predicted who Batgirl was going to be prompts me to enjoy the book even more. The art is done by Lee Garbet, who was doing the art in Outsiders. I enjoy the art because it is a different take and he uses a lot of color. Something different you do not see in many Batman books. I’m interested in seeing where this Babs/Steph thing goes. For this issue I am giving it a Buy It, but we need to have some questions answered and movement of the storyline for me to continue that rating.


Batman and Robin #4




After being delayed last month, this book is back on track. The art is being taken over by Phillip Tan, whose art is a very unique style. I specifically interested in the introduction of this new Red Hood and how that will affect what is going on in the story. We all assume that the Red Hood is Jason Todd, but what if it isn’t? Who else could be under that mask? Simply put, Buy It.


Batman: Cacophony




Cacophony was probably the most well known series ever reviewed on the comic cast. Why you ask? Well, it wasn’t because of the amazing story or the dialogue that covered more page than the art. It was because we constantly mispronounced it. If you read any of the issues when they were first released, you know what I’m referring to when I say the bad art and too-much dialogue. If your a Kevin Smith fan, than it might be worth a read. But the issues themselves did not even add up to the price that this trade is. Pass


Batman: Streets of Gotham #4




I almost lost faith in what Paul Dini is doing in his Bat-Books last month. The thing that saved him was the very last page of the main story in Streets of Gotham. Seeing Zsasz dressed slick and preparing to go on a killing spree got my excited. The co-feature last month was a waste, but I think it could be better. As long as Manhunter is not running through the forest for six pages, it could be decent. The new appearance of Zsasz in this issue is enough for me to Buy It.


Outsiders #22




When this title was retitled to leave Batman out of the book, I was intially skeptical. Then when I saw that Alfred was going to be leading the team and they were going to be Batman’s Black Ops team, my faith was renewed. The first story arc was not anything special since it dealt with a group that was called the Insiders. When the solicitation for the new arc came out, I again was excited. After the first issue in the arc came out last month, I have to say I am not disappointed. This is what I wanted the Outsiders to be from day one. Going around the world, doing Batman’s dirty work. So this is a Buy It.


So that is all of the books for this week. It may seem that I have been extremely generous, but truthfully these are good books. Some other books from the DC Universe to pick up would be The Brave and the Bold #27, which features an appearance from Batman in a story that sounds interesting. Also Blackest Night #3 comes out this week. If you are not following what is going on you may be surprised when things start affecting the books next month when Blackest Night seeps into the normal series. But overall, it is a great story, coming from a guy who never concerns himself with event story lines. The only other thing worth mentioning would be Tiny Titans #20. If you have kids, this is a book you should pick up for them, just to get them introduced to the characters of the DCU. ‘Til next week, keep reading.


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