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New Comics Out Today

So what does this week have in store for us? Well, not a whole lot. There are only a couple of things coming out, but let's go through them.


Detective Comics #857




The last issue that was released was kind of out there as far as what we normally see in Batman books. Humans that transform into animals. "Lipstick lesbian" dressing in a tux. Well, lots of crazy stuff. What does this issue bring? This is the last issue in this current story arc. Alice is going to be threatening all of Gotham with a toxic cloud of sorts. Batwoman is bound to save the city. Even though it is far-fetched that Batman would not know what is going on and stop it himself, let's roll with it. The story does seem to be a little more than it needs to be, but the art is what saves this book. JH Williams art is amazing. The best thing happening in any book on the market as far as art. So even though the story is not that great, BUY IT for the art.


DC Comics Classics Library: Batman: A Death in the Family




It is about time this story finally gets released in a collected form. This collects all of the issues from Batman and The New Titans that told the story of Jason Todd's demise. This is the story that everyone one has been asking for for years. Hate to say it, but DC messed up here. Putting a price tag of $39.99 on a book that only has 272 pages seems a little too expensive. Just because everyone asked for it doesn't mean that everyone has that kind of money to shell out for it. If you have never read this story, be sure to READ IT. If you have read it, then pass and collect the actual issues. They will cost you a lot less.


Superman/Batman #64




This will be another story that will be contained in one issue. The solicitation describes that Batman discovers something and only Superman can stop it by making a sacrifice. Wait, THE ultimate sacrifice. Well, I can't say that the last couple issues have been very good. So until DC rolls out the new Superman/Batman with the continuity stories or Blackest Night, I'm saying PASS.


So like I said, not much to go out for this week. Actually if you are not a fan of art, then you really have nothing. But remember, a penny saved today means you have more for next month's comics. And if you have seen the schedule for releases, you know you will need every penny. 'Til next time, keep reading.


Posted by Dustin

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