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Because I can't ever think of things to post on the blog, I came up with an idea today post what I think is worth spending your hard-earned money on. So I plan on doing this every week from now on. This is just my opinion, and obviously this is just based on the solicitation not the actual comic, since I will not have them when I post this up. I will also include comics that we normally do not cover on the comic cast if I feel it should be read since I only read Bat-Books. I will rate the books with one of three choices: Buy it, Read it, or Pass. The first one is pretty self explanatory, but the others may be hard to understand. Read it means if you go to your comic shop, spend the time to read it, but don't bother buying it. Pass means just don't bother at all.


It is kind of a weak week for new Batman comics. Batman and Robin #3 has been delayed to the end of the month and has thrown everything off in regards to the decent split-up that DC had with all the Bat-Books. So let's go over what is coming out.


Batman Confidential #32




Well if you listen to the podcast, you normally hear Apple review this title. He gives it a lot of praise, but I honestly can't agree with him all the time. (Which may be a surprise to some of you.) This issue is a continuance of the five-part story arc where Batman goes to Moscow. I didn't really like the first issue in this arc, specifically because of what Apple mentioned about it seems to be a retelling of KGBeast. Given it is different, but really to me seems to be a little more politically correct than anything else. The art is good, but very standard to the type that we normally see in Batman Confidential. Confidential goes up and down all the time since the creative teams change with every new arc. This story is not really exciting to me and to a Bat-Fan I don't think it will be worth buying it. So overall, just read this one. Read it


Nightwing: The Great Leap




Well, I will tell you off the bat that I despise TPB's (trade paperbacks for those who don't know what that means since I tend to use that a lot.) I feel TPB's are an excuse to have a poor story written and have it spread out over a number of issues so they can put it in a TPB form. That being said, I know a lot of people like them especially when you don't have a ton of money to spend on the actual issues. If you remember our reviews of this story when it first came out then you know we thought it sucked. I personally thought the series could have ended instead of treading on so it would end when the other books ended. There are a lot of pages that are completely pointless and could have trimmed out. But it all goes back to whether or not a writer has enough pages to tell a story or not, and if they don't they tell something different. That is what this felt like to me. So don't even bother with this one. Pass


Wednesday Comics #5




This series has been a surprise to a lot of people including myself. I didn't grow up with comic heroes in my Sunday newspaper, but every week I did read the "comics." My dad saved them for me every week until I moved out of the house. This reminds me a lot of that. Overall there really isn't a ton dedicated to just Batman, but that is what I find refreshing. There is only a page dedicated to each hero. Catwoman makes an appearance and the Batman comic is done by Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso. So this one despite not being Batman-centric is a must own for anyone. It will just remind you of being a kid and getting your Sunday "comics" from your dad. Buy it


Alright that wraps up this week's comics. Be sure to check back here every week for my thoughts on the current releases. Oh, and be sure to leave your comments below.


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