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New Details on DC Nation and Animated Bat-Show

On Sunday, Vice President of Creative Affairs at Warner Bros. Animation, Sam Register gave a keynote speech that outlined some of the upcoming things that Warner Bros. is doing with their library of characters. This includes all of the DC Comics properties. After showing some footage for Green Lantern: The Animated Series, the DC Nation block of programming was mentioned along with details regarding the new Batman TV show.


First up, although we already saw footage of what DC Nation was going to be at Comic Con at the Mattel booth, Register expanded the details of some of the animated shorts that would be seen during the one hour block of programming. For the characters pertaining to The Batman Universe, it appears that Aardman Animation, the studio behind Wallace and Gromit will be creating claymation Batman shorts. Also Batgirl will be appearing alongside Supergirl and Wonder Girl in a series of shorts entitled Super Best Friends Forever. Register also commented on the new material that will air during the block will always include something new whether or not the episodic series are airing something new.


Bewars the Batman Promo Card


The other news was the announcement of a new Batman TV show, Beware the Batman. Very little is known about the series and only one image was shown. The major differences are that Alfred is toting guns and Katana will be Batman's sidekick. The series will also feature some of the lesser known villains expanding past Joker stories as Register put it. The series will be executive produced by Glen Murakami.


The interesting news about the series is that this is not being spear-headed by James Tucker who has been developing a Batman series since last year when it was announced that Batman: The Brave and the Bold was winding down. Either way, the series is not set to premiere until 2013 so there is plenty of time for more news to be revealed.


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  • Stella

    UGH!  Why choose Katana when there are plenty of BATGIRLS to use!


    Looks terrible so far.Really don't care for CGI either.Will have too wait and see more,but from this picture,pass.What's up with the skinny legs on Batman?

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