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New Guest Artists Announced for Batwoman and 'Tec

Batwoman #9The Source has announced some changes to the creative teams for both Detective Comics and Batwoman. The new creators coming on board to the titles are mentioned to be guest artists and not permanent additions.


First, over on Detective Comics, Tony Daniel will be sticking to writing the series but take a step back from the art. Ed Benes will be stepping in on the book to cover pencils. The schedule might have taken its toll on Daniel and this happened in the past where Daniel takes a couple of issues off before returning to both write and pencil. Benes will be on the book for issues ten through twelve. DC has already stated that Daniel will be retaking the duties on issue thirteen.

Batwoman seems to be a much larger shakeup. DC announced that Trevor McCarthy will be filling in for issues nine through eleven. Originally it seems that J.H. Williams III and Amy Reeder would be rotating on pencil duties. DC stated that Williams will be returning on art with issue twelve. The other point about the announcement is that Amy Reeder announced on her Facebook account that she will not be returning to the book stating creative differences. It may never be known exactly what the reason is for the change, but McCarthy will need to bring his talent in full force to match what has been happening in the title.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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