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New Prints Available from DC Collectibles

DC Collectibles has revealed a number of new high-end prints, some of which are related to The Batman Universe. They are available for purchase at the DC Collectibles website. Below are the new TBU prints.


DC Collectibles Bad Girls of Gotham Print


DC Collectibles Super Pets Print


DC Collectibles B is for Batman Print


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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  • Joe Jinks

    I've been loving these but I didn't think that this batch was as strong. There is something nice about the simplicity of the 'B is for Batman' piece but it's so simple that I couldn't justify paying the amount the'yre asking for it. My favourite prints so far have been the vintage-esque poster designs, i.e. 'The Flying Graysons'.

  • Stella

    That last one is odd. What do the humps represent? They look like breasts!