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Review: New Suicide Squad #19

suicideSynopsis: Picking up right after the last issue, the team is under attack from the Fist of Cain. Cheetah and Razer attempt to escape but are interrupted by Adam Reed launching into a “villainous monologue” as he calls it. He explains that the followers of Cain are there to “thin out the herd of humanity” and they will eliminate all of the Suicide Squad and the other metahumans trapped within the castle. He adds that each member has a point total and that if they try to escape, he will detonate the reactivated bombs in their necks.


After the team disperses, the fatalities grow beginning with the brutal death of Razer after Cheetah abandons her. Harley is almost killed by a Cain follower when El Diablo saves her. He admits that he would like to kill the man but restrains himself as that would only make him as bad as the Fist of Cain. In the ventilation system above the bathroom, Deadshot attempts to escape while Kilgore is viciously stabbed to death. Even with the distraction, the air vent gives way and Deadshot falls onto the floor in a group of Cain followers.


Back at Belle Reve, Waller is still reeling from the shocking tip received from “666” that the Suicide Squad is alive and in Germany. Mr. Ashemore attempts to leave but Waller divulges the secret she uncovered on him. She reveals that he is the supervillain “The Hunky Punk”. After the reveal and short back story of his crimes in England, Ashemore begins to strangle Waller. She stops him with a series of threats and enlists him to help.


Returning to the castle, Deadshot is rescued by Deathtrap who shows off his metahuman ability and creates a gun out of floor tiles. Confronted with the choice of saving or abandoning Cheetah, Deadshot elects to save her despite Deathtrap’s arguing.


In another room, Adam Reed prays to the Saint of Cain to give him strength and that he will kill Amanda Waller for him. While he prays, his dead girlfriend creepily wakes up.


The issue ends with the team being reunited and ready to fight together against the followers of Cain. Meanwhile back at Belle Reve, Waller tells Captain Boomerang that he will be helping her and The Hunky Punk to rescue Task Force X.


Thoughts: After the last issue built up the tension and suspense before the Fist of Cain attacks the team, this issue delivers with plenty of action, violence, and humor. Despite some intense action and death scenes, this book still finds a way to not take itself so seriously. With Adam Reed’s self proclaimed “villainous monologue”, we are caught up as to what happened in the previous issue while getting a little nod to the ridiculousness of the fact that the evil bad guy is explaining the Squad’s predicament. Additionally, the issue continues that comedy with some great dialogue from Harley, which sometimes is directed at just herself.


Regarding the artwork, Ferreyra gave us a lot more brutal action and death scenes that I know I will not forget for awhile. The attention to detail of the deaths of the other metahumans is quite graphic and makes the issue a more enjoyable read.


Even though I enjoyed this issue quite a bit, I did a have a few minor problems. I felt that Deathtrap should have opted to leave Cheetah. It was out of place and did not make much sense that Deadshot had to think of that plan to change his mind. It is true that he is a “villain” but he flip flops so easily that it is clear that he is more honorable than he thinks. Also, how did Waller know the team was in trouble? She was so mad to find out they were alive so she must think they’re just “chilling” as she restated from the text she got from “666”. However, she enlists the help of Boomerang and tells him that he can have Deadshot owe him his life which sounds like a rescue mission to me.


With great comedic timing and gratuitous, violent action, this issue was great despite a few problems I found within certain characterizations and plot development. Rebirth might throw some changes to the team in a few months but I like where this arc is headed at the moment.


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