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New Trailer Coming for TDKR?

The Dark Knight Rises Teaser PosterThere has been a lot of talk online about a new trailer coming for The Dark Knight Rises. While, you may be thinking we have already seen three trailers and the recent Nokia trailer, in addition to tons of TV spots, what else could there really be?


According to the Alberta Film Ratings website, a trailer for The Dark Knight Rises was just classified on June 25, yesterday. It is expected that this trailer will show in front of  next week's release of The Amazing Spider-Man.


Some are very quick to say this is most likely the recent Nokia trailer. It could very well be the trailer that was released, but the timing seems to be a little off. The Alberta Film Ratings website listed the run time of of the trailer at 2:13. The recent Nokia trailer clocked in at 2:17 and didn't have much buffer on either side of it.


Now this could be far-fetched, but could we see a fifth trailer? Or could it be a revised version of the Nokia trailer? What do you think?


The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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