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Nicieza Concludes Batman with #713

With all of the announcements regarding the Bat-books, some may have forgot that there are still three months of books to release between then. Books the seemingly have the daunting task of getting fans to a conclusive setting for the relaunch books. On of these books is Batman, which will wrap with issue #713, written by Fabian Nicieza. Comic Book Resources talked with Nicieza about what we can expect from the final issue of Batman and how it plays into the new status quo.


Batman #713CBR: All right, so the solicits for “Batman” say Dick is at an identity crossroads–what does that mean?


Fabian Nicieza: Probably that Dick is a little confused about the solicitation copy and it's causing him agitation? That copy was very early in the process so it's not totally accurate to how the story turned out.


CBR: So what is your story in “Batman” #713 about?


Fabian Nicieza: It's about a boy who loses his parents to a violent crime and grows up to become a Dark Knight for a dark city!


CBR: Now, we’ve got Red Robin, Bruce Wayne Batman, and Robin all on the issue cover–


Fabian Nicieza: Since the story covers many aspects and evolutions of the Bat family that means all those characters need to be involved in some way.


CBR: Did Tony give you an outline for this issue, or were you able to come up with your own tale to end “Batman” before September’s relaunch?


Fabian Nicieza: No, [editor] Mike Marts just asked me to write a self-contained story that thematically encapsulates the 70-year history of the character. Sure, Mike, no prob!


CBR: Now, DC has announced that in September they will be relaunching all their titles. Does your issue of “Batman” wrap up plot points and ongoing arcs from the larger “Batman” run?


Fabian Nicieza: No, geez, that would be a bit much to ask in one issue! I think the story serves to very nicely summarize the evolution of the Batman character and the Bat family, but that will be for readers to decide.


Although Nicieza will not be returning to the Bat-books in September he still will be writing for DC. For now catch Nicieza's work in the remaining issues of Red Robin and August's issue of Batman.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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