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Higgins Leaves Nightwing, Will Write Grayson's Secret Origins

For the last three years since The New 52 has started, Kyle Higgins has written one of the better books among the Batman titles. For some Bat-fans, Nightwing is the second comic book that is picked up behind Scott Snyder's Batman every month.


Since the beginning of the Forever Evil tie-ins, Dick Grayson has become a victim of the crossover event that will soon determine his fate in The New 52. Higgins broke the news that he will be leaving the book in March 2014 on Issue #29 on his Facebook page, see below:


It’s a weird feeling to leave the book after almost three years, and even though I would love nothing more than to write Dick Grayson for another fifty or sixty issues, it’s time to move on. (In that spirit, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention BATMAN BEYOND 2.0 and C.O.W.L…two of the books I am currently working on, which are also– both in their own way– helping to curb the Grayson withdrawal.


As much pressure as I felt about doing DG (Dick Grayson) justice, the truth is there’s very little I ever could have done to break him. He’s an amazing character who’s been around for almost seventy five years and will still be around long after I’m gone. Instead of thinking about what I’ve been able to do for DG, I’ve found it much better to think about what DG has been able to do for me. In that regard, I’ll only ever be able to look at my time on Nightwing and smile. Why? Because Dick Grayson made me a better writer.


Higgins will be sorely missed, but he has something special for Nightwing fans coming out in April 2014. He spoke with Newsrama about how Dick Grayson became Robin, "It's a story about D.G. becoming Robin. So it's very similar to what we did in Issue #0, but it's a slighty different point of view, a different look at things. But at its core, it's Dick as Robin." The Secret Origins story will be about 12 pages long for Dick Grayson. As to who will be the next creative team for Nightwing that will come out in April 2014 solicitations. Higgins will continue to write Batman Beyond 2.0.  


Posted by Kristina Collins

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