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Nightwing and Suicide Squad End in April


According to the April 2014 solicitations, Nightwing and Suicide Squad will end in April.


Kyle Higgins, main writer of Nightwing,, has been the main writer for Nightwing in the New 52. Most fans have suspected that Nightwing will be dying by the end of Forever Evil. Of course, this crossover has yet to finish its run that will continue with its aftermath storyline starting in April 2014. The solicitation states that Nightwing #30 will be the last issue while Higgins will be leaving the title before that issue. James Tynion IV, one of the writers of Batman Eternal, will be writing the last issue with Meghan Hetrick illustrating the art (artist from Joker's Daughter issue). Eddy Barrows who was the first artist of Nightwing will return to illustrate the cover art that features a domino mask in a pool of blood. Higgins will write a story in Secret Origins #1 about how Dick Grayson became Robin which will also release in April.


Suicide Squad is another title that will end. A one-shot, Suicide Squad: Amanda Waller #1  will release focusing on a central character of the team in March presumely wrapping up some of the stories from the series. Waller will be facing the consquences of her actions in the final issue of Suicide Squad in issue #30. The title will be missed by a few readers who enjoyed it, but many of them were Harley Quinn fans. Since the character has started her own series, Harley Quinn, many Quinn fans do not need to continue reading Squad for Harley stories.


Posted by Kristina Collins

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