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Purported Artwork from Original Nightwing #30 Released


When DC decided to make a change in their plans for Nightwing #30 and decided to use it as an introduction to the upcoming Grayson ongoing title, fans were left wondering what the original issue might have been.  Now fans can have a glimpse into what seems like the originally planned issue written by James Tynion IV with art by Meghan Hetrick as the artist has made her artwork from the entire scrapped issue available for sale on the original art reseller, Wednesday's Hero.  Though many have been sold already, the pages allow us to see not only what seems to be the original plan for Nightwing's final fate in Forever Evil, but also how the Batman family would have responded to Dick's death.  Although the article has no dialogue or narration, the art clearly shows Nightwing in costume in a coffin as Tim, Barbara and Jason all visit to pay their respects and reflect on the life of Dick Grayson.  In addition, we also see both Bruce and Alfred having quiet moments of reflection on their lost friend and partner.  We can even see an image of members of the Justice League attending Nightwing's funeral and assisting in commiting his body to the ground.  



As of yet, DC has made no official response to the release of the artwork to verify that it is from the originally planned final issue of Nightwing.  Instead, they have only confirmed that Hetrick was the originally solicited artist and that changes were made to the story in preparation of the beginning of Grayson.  


To see all of the artwork, visit Wednesday's Hero and for more information and reviews for Grayson and other Batman titles, stay connected to TBU.


Posted by Terry Hughston

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