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No Joker in Batman 3

SuperHeroHype managed to get a peek at the newest issue of Empire magazine. Inside is an at-length interview with Chris Nolan. He mostly discusses things having to do with Inception, but there are always going to be questions about Batman.


Some of the highlights from the interview include:
-Nolan has no intention of the Joker returning for Batman 3.
-Nolan is still not officially signed on for the third film. He is sticking to his, one film at a time, process.
-He doesn't foresee the DC films going the route of the Marvel films and having a team-up film.
-He believes that the best way to tell stories about the comic heroes is by following their original intention.


So not a ton of things that were not already known. As we get closer to the summer of 2012, we can be sure to hear more things coming down the pipeline.


Chris Nolan


Posted by Dustin

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