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No Oscar Nominations For The Dark Knight Rises

Today the nominations for the 85th Academy Awards awards were announced , and while Warner Bros. made a strong push for the film to be nominated in several main categories, The Dark Knight Rises received zero nominations. While it's not too surprising The Dark Knight Rises didn't receive nominations in any of the big categories like Best Picture (even though The Dark Knight not being nominated for best picture back in 2009 is what really made the Academy expand that category) it is surprising that it got no recognition in any of the other categories. Maybe one day a Batman movie can push through the Academy and get recognized as one of the best pictures of the year, but if Christoper Nolan's Batman movies can't, I'm not sure what kind of Batman movie will.


If you would like to see which movies got nominated instead of The Dark Knight Rises, you can check out the full list of nominees here.


Posted by Dane Haji


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