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Norm Breyfogle Returns to TBU with Batman Beyond

Batman Beyond Unlimited #1DC Comics have announced the Batman Beyond will be returning in February. It will be a new concept that will be released as Batman Beyond Unlimited. For the first time ever, digital chapters of the comic will be released weekly and then collected in print form once a month. The digital chapters will actually be released prior to the print version.


This is not the surprising as Batman Beyond when it launched the ongoing series early this year was one of the few books that was being released day and date for both print and digital. This is the next step for digital comics and promotes them in a new way.


The other news out of the announcement is the naming of the creators involved on this project. Adam Beechen will return as the writer for the Batman Beyond storylines teaming up with an artist who is extremely familiar with Batman, Norm Breyfogle.


And that is just one half of the series. Included in the Batman Beyond Unlimited series will also be Justice League Beyond which focuses on the Justice League of the future. The series will be both written and drawn by Dustin Nguyen and Derek Fridolfs.


As mentioned, the series will debut in February 2012 in digital format first and then collected in print with a total of forty-eight pages every month for only $3.99.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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