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NYCC: DC All Access: Batman

DC Comics All Access


Probably the largest panel in terms of news related to The Batman Universe is DC Comics' panel for Batman, appropriately titled DC All Access: Batman. A number of creators were present including Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, Tony Daniel, Mike Marts, Bobbie Chase, David Finch, Peter Tomasi, Kyle Higgins, Lee Bermejo and Chris Burnham. Here are the highlights from the panel.


-Detective Comics #3 introduces another character in Dollmaker's stable called Jack in the Box.

-Detective Comics will be bringing on a new colorist who will add more grittiness to the title.

-Batman: The Dark Knight will feature Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash and the Legion of Doom headquarters.

-Nobody, appearing in Batman and Robin, is a new villain and has ties to Henri Ducard which will be shown in issue five.

-Even though Tim Drake is featured in Teen Titans as a main character, he will still appear in titles such as Batman and Nightwing.

-James Gordon Jr. is more of a Dick Grayson villain and will be making an appearance in Batman in a story that includes Batgirl.

-Cassandra Cain will have a significant role in Batman Incorporated.

-There are plans that are in motion for Stephanie Brown.

-Batman: Earth One is set for release in summer 2012.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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