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NYCC: DC Animated Film Panel

This panel was held to showcase the short that will be included with Batman: Year One when it releases next week on Blu-ray and DVD. The other new bit of footage shown was the trailer for Justice League: Doom, which IGN posted up shortly after the panel.



Based on the trailer, the film is being loosely based off of the Tower of Babel story line from the comics. It appears that a variety of villains have larger roles than originally in the arc from JLA.


Besides the videos shown at the panel there was a discussion of Batman: Year One and more on Justice League: Doom. Bruce Timm reiterated what was mentioned at San Diego Comic Con in that Batman: The Dark Knight Returns is planned and currently in production with a possible release in 2012 or 2013. Timm also answered a fan's question about the new look of the heroes appearing in the comics and if the films would be featuring that as well. Timm replied that there has been no pressure to change the look of the characters from DC. Blackest Night is also a storyline that they have been talking about as a future possibility.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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