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NYCC: DC Direct Batman: Arkham City

DC Direct showed off a number of new figures for their Batman: Arkham City line. Series one was already announced but now we know the details for series two and three and the two series of deluxe figures, including a villain that we didn't even know was going to be in the game.


Series 2-Available April 2012


DC Direct Batman: Arkham City Series 2-Batman


DC Direct Batman: Arkham City Series 2-Catwoman


DC Direct Batman: Arkham City Series 2-Hush


DC Direct Batman: Arkham City Series 2-Riddler


Deluxe Series 1-Available June 2012


DC Direct Batman: Arkham City Deluxe Series 1-Killer Croc


DC Direct Batman: Arkham City Deluxe Series 1-Mr. Freeze


Series 3-Available October 2012


DC Direct Batman: Arkham City Series 3-Penguin


Deluxe Series 2-Available November 2012


DC Direct Batman: Arkham City Deluxe Series 2-Titan Joker


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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  • Steve Rogers

    From the we may have a breakdown in communication department.  That photo of Hush was taken on Thursday, roughly around 4:05-4:10 as first place I hit was the DC booth.  I wrap up the photos, go to Mattel, snap the first round of photos, say hello to a group of podcasters at the show and proceed to email, slowly thanks to the cruddy internet service inside the building, the pics to Dusti.

    Around 5:10 Dustin requests a better shot of Hush among other re-shoot requests.  But when I returned, Hush was GONE!  And after several times I couldn't quite get an answer from the DC Direct guy in charge of the merchandise displays as to the exact reason why Hush made a disappearing act as he wasn't the guy who removed the figure.
    My best guess is that his inclusion will be THAT big of a spoiler that the Arkham guys said something to someone higher up than the guy I talked to.

  • Joe Jinks

    Well then you did a great job of getting that picture whilst you could! It was lucky you went there first.
    Besides, it's not a bad photo, from what we can see of it I think the Hush figure looks really cool, probably one of the best in the line. It's just got me wondering where Hush will be in the Arkham City, although he is about the only villain that wasn't. If it doesn't get announced officially I'll be keeping my eyes peeled when I play the game.

  • Alex Aguilera

    Awesome! Thanks a lot! I will be picking up some of these when I see them.

  • Where is Two-face? Is he will be Series 3..with penguin??