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NYCC: Young Justice

Young Justice was in New York in the form of a panel featuring Brandon Vietti and Greg Weisman, both producers for the series. Two clips were shown and a number of things were shown. Let's break them down and tell you about the Batman Universe bits.


First Clip:
More of a sizzle reel showcasing a number of different elements from the show. It starts in Gotham on July 4. We see Mr. Freeze attacking civilians in a park only to be thwarted by Batman and Robin. The Hall of Justice is shown with all of the sidekicks with their mentors.


Second Clip:
The second clip was mainly a scene that shows an explosion at Cadmus labs and many of the Justice League discovering Superboy.


Young JusticeAs for the other highlights from the panel:


The show is set on Earth 16 which is a more grounded, realistic approach.


There will be a comic book that will tie directly into the series and continuity.


Robin is the youngest member, but the most experienced. It has been four years since his parents were murdered and he joined Batman.


Batman hands out the missions to the team, while Black Canary trains them.


Robin will be Dick Grayson and his identity is secret to everyone but Kid Flash.


There will be over 150 DCU characters that show up in the first eighteen episodes.


There are no embargoes from the studio on any characters. There were four at first that could not be used, but that has been lifted.


Characters will age.


The hope is for a lot of marketing opportunities with merchandise.


Finally the show will premiere next month on Cartoon Network in an one hour pilot, and then start airing regularly in January. You can be sure that we will be covering this series at great length.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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