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DC All Access: Titans Casting and Batman Day

DC All Access has released their latest episode which features Gotham, the Titans series and the first of the Dark Nights one-shot, Batman: The Death #1.  

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Batman Enters the Gritty Dark World of Film Noir in New One-Shot

Batman has teamed up with The Shadow, the Ninja Turtles, and the Scooby Gang, but has he teamed up with a cable TV host? Well it’s about to happen as Turner Classic Movies (TCM) and DC Comics...

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Diamond Select Solicits for Spring 2018

Diamond Select has announced some of the items that will be making their way to stores next spring and there are a few new TBU items.   DC ARKHAM ASYLUM VG VINIMATES    A Diamond Select Toys...

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Episode 0

A zero episode? Yes zero. Keeping in the theme with the last two Zero Hour episodes, this episode is a special one for Rob. This episode will be about what made Rob the Robin fan he is today and why...

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Sideshow Reveals Suicide Squad Joker Premium Format Figure

Sideshow Collectibles has revealed details for their Suicide Squad Joker Premium format Figure along with a number of pictures. With two different editions releasing and priced at either $530 or...

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Cryptozoic Shows Off Two New Collectible Lines

Cryptozoic has announced that they will be showing off a number of new lines of collectibles at the 2017 Fall Toy Preview in early October. Among the offerings are two lines that specifically deal...

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DC All Access: Paul Dini Talks Harley

DC All access has posted a new video featuring an interview with Paul Dini about Harley Quinn.  

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The New Batman Adventures-Sins of the Father

Don and Josh are here to give commentary on an episode of The New Batman Adventures, Sins of the Father.

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Episode 9

  Story: Batman: Four of a Kind Books Covered: Batman: Shadow of the Bat Annual #3, Detective Comics Annual #8, Batman Annual #19, Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight Annual #5  

Eury-Kronenberg Interview

  Dustin interviews the authors behind The Batcave Companion; Michael Eury and Michael Kronenberg.  

Episode 17

  BFBB: Batman and the Mad Monk   0:00:00 Intro 0:00:50 Comic News 0:08:25 Book News 0:10:07 Batman Confidential #27 0:11:44 The Outsiders #15 0:15:17 The Outsiders #16 0:18:29...

Episode 29

  Spotlight Character: Lesile Thompkins Feature: Favorite Merchandise   00:00 Intro 00:53 Movie News 04:01 TV News 08:16 Merchandise News 11:02 Video Game News 12:42 General News 15:02...

Episode 8

  Story: Batman: The Man Who Laughs Books Covered: Batman: The Man Who Laughs  

Episode 16

  BBFB: Batman and the Monster Men   0:00:00 Intro 0:01:27 Movie News 0:09:37 Book News 0:10:42 Superman/Batman #55 0:14:27 Birds of Prey #127 0:20:31 Batman: Gotham After Midnight #10...

Whilce Portacio Interview

  Dustin and Apple interview artist Whilce Portacio and discuss his work on the Batman titles.  

Freddie William II Interview

  Dustin and Apple interview Robin artist Freddie Williams II.  

Episode 28

  Spotlight Character: Vicki Vale Feature: Actors That Have Played Batman   00:00 Intro 00:43 Movie News 08:13 TV News 11:04 Merchandise News 12:11 Video Game News 19:39 General News 22:59...

Episode 7

  Story: Batman and the Mad Monk Books Covered: Batman and the Mad Monk #1-6  

Episode 15

  BFBB: Batman: Year Two   0:00:00 Intro 0:01:01 Comic News 0:11:36 Book News 0:13:40 Nightwing #153 0:19:50 Batman and the Outsiders Special 0:24:12 Batman Confidential #26 0:26:11 Robin...

Episode 27

  Spotlight Character: Mr. Zsasz Feature: Batman: The Brave and the Bold Discussion   00:00 Intro 00:54 Movie News 03:19 TV News 05:51 Merchandise News 10:41 Video Game News 13:41 Spotlight...

Episode 14

  BFBB: Batman: Venom   0:00:00 Intro 0:00:58 Comic News 0:09:47 Book News 0:10:34 Batman #685 0:14:35 Batman: Gotham After Midnight #9 0:17:47 Superman/Batman Annual #3 0:22:36 Robin #182...

Episode 6

  Story: Batman: Gothic Books Covered: Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #6-10  

Episode 26

  Spotlight Character: Black Mask Feature: Batman Video Games Part 3   00:00 Intro 01:01 Movie News 08:28 TV News 13:32 Merchandise News 17:20 Video Game News 19:37 Spotlight Character...

Episode 5

  Story: Batman: Prey Books Covered: Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #11-15  

Episode 13

  BFBB: Batman: Prey   00:00 Intro 00:52 Comic News 05:19 Book News 06:02 Nightwing #152 07:12 Batman Confidential #25 08:52 Simon Dark #16 10:56 Detective Comics #852 13:19 Review Wrap-Up...

Episode 25

  Spotlight Character: The Cavalier Feature: Batman Video Games Part 2   00:00 Intro 00:47 Movie News 15:38 TV News 15:55 Merchandise News 20:36 Video Game News 26:31 Spotlight Character...

Weir-DeFilippis Interview

  Dustin interviews writing partners Nunzio DeFilippis and Christina Weir about their Batman Confidential story.  

Episode 12

  BBFB: Batman: Gothic   00:00 Intro 00:35 Comic News 03:30 Book News 04:55 Superman & Batman vs. Vampires and Werewolves #6 (of 6) 07:44 Batman #683 11:58 Batman #684 14:54 Batman:...

Episode 4

  Story: Batman and the Monster Men Books Covered: Batman and the Monster Men #1-6  

Episode 24

  Spotlight Character: Orca Feature: Batman Video Games Part 1   0:00:00 Intro 0:00:52 Movie News 0:14:58 TV News 0:15:30 Merchandise News 0:16:36 Video Game News 0:17:56 Spotlight...

Norm Breyfogle Interview

  Dustin and Apple interview Batman artist Norm Breyfogle.  

Episode 11

  BBFB: Batman: Shaman   00:00 Intro 00:47 Comic News 02:45 Book News 04:48 Batman #851 07:38 Batman and the Outsiders #14 09:52 Nightwing #151 13:35 Robin #181 16:18 Batman: Confidential...

Episode 3

  Story: Catwoman: Year One Books Covered: Catwoman (1993) Annual #2  

Episode 23

  Spotlight Character: Gray Ghost Feature: Recap of 2008   00:00 Intro 01:02 Movie News 17:18 TV News 19:35 Merchandise News 20:28 Video Game News 24:11 Spotlight Character 28:00 Feature...

Episode 10

  BBFB: The Man Who Laughs   00:00 Intro 00:50 Comic News 10:58 Book News 13:30 Birds of Prey #124 17:05 Superman & Batman vs. Vampires & Werewolves #4 19:40 Batman: Gotham After...

Episode 2

  Story: Batman: Shaman Books Covered: Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #1-4  

Tim Sale Interview

  Dustin and Apple interview Batman artist Tim Sale. There were some major problems with the recording but we did manage to fix a good chunk.  

2008 Holiday Special

  Join Dustin, Apple and Savannah as we celebrate the holidays Batman style.