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Possible Covers for Batman Relaunch?

So earlier we posted up a brief article referring to an image by Greg Capullo. Greg Capullo has been rumored to be coming to DC Comics for a little over a month. Back on April 23, he was telling people the following:


So, I mentioned that I was going to be talking to Jim Lee. Well, Jim and I seem to be coming to an agreement of terms. There is precious little left to discuss other than to lock in my support crew and $$$. It would seem, barring a curve ball being thrown, that after finishing up HAUNT I’ll be entering Gotham City.


So it seems that a plan was being made for Capullo to be heading towards DC and with the relaunch it makes more sense. So could this image be the cover for Batman #1?


Possible Batman #1 Cover by Greg Capullo


On the same regard Jock recently posted this image to his Twitter account and we have not figured out which issue this is for either.


Possible Detective Comics #1 Cover by Jock


What is interesting is that both covers feature characters that we know in a slightly different light. Joker is very likely to not change and Jock shows this off. In Capullo image we can see a number of villains including Killer Croc, Two-Face, Riddler, Professor Pyg and possibly Scarecrow. Some of these characters have a different concept than what we have seen in the past so it could actually be for the relaunch.


It seems that we may find out in the coming days what is planned for The Batman Universe as a number of sites are reporting that it could happen as early as tomorrow. Either way by June 13 we will all know what is going on. For the most part at least.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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  • Awesome image Batman!  It kind of reminds me of  Frank Frazetta's work of Conan the Destroyer.  The Joker image speaks to his obsession with Batman.  It makes up his very existence.

  • Joe Jinks

    I think the Jock cover will be for 'Detective Comics' #880 because, as of yet, it has no solicited cover but we know that the Joker will appear within that issue. The Joker in this image has prominant scarring around the mouth so this may be a revamped Joker for a modern audience (epecially with Nolan's Joker having such a large fanbase) but Snyder said in an interview how he was inspired by the Joker written by Grant Morrison in 'Batman: R.I.P.' where Tony Daniel drew the Joker with scarring around the mouth, it may just be a reference to that which is what I believe to be the case.

  • Dark Knight Rises

    Not the Dick Grayson Bat. Look at the gloves and the belt that's ol' Bruce