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First Full Powerless Trailer Reveals Tons of DC References

By now TBU readers are aware of the upcoming DC Universe office comedy Powerless. A new trailer released by NBC reveals just how deep the DC connection goes. From a Starro attack to Wonder Woman’s invisible jet, the characters we’re all familiar with will definitely be referenced and used to build the comedic structure of the show.



As for Wayne Security President Van Wayne’s cousin Bruce showing up on the show (or “B-Dubs, as Van calls him?) That looks unlikely for now. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Justin Halpern shared:


“Even if you want to see [Bruce Wayne’s] hands pop into frame, you’d have to go get [Ben] Affleck; you can’t just have anyone’s hands … Usually they’re very protective of their characters — for good reason. A lot of people invest a lot in these characters. We ask for as much as we can get, and we see where we can find a happy medium. Like anything, they wanted to make sure they didn’t think the show was terrible before they let us use stuff.”


For now, it looks as though we’ll have to settle for six degrees of Wayne-ification. Powerless will premiere on NBC February 2 at 8:30/7:30c.

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